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we are one family. Two churches.

The Journey Family of Churches is a group of churches that share the same cultural DNA together as they reach Central Oregon and the Pacific Northwest for Jesus.  Originating in Bend, Journey Church was planted when Keith Kirkpatrick and Randy Myers of New Hope Church dreamed of starting a brand new church that aimed to create a place for those who don’t like church to find Jesus. In February of 2010, Keith and a handful of dedicated believers launched Journey Church in Bend, Oregon.
As the Journey vision continued to grow across Central Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, Journey Church in Bend stepped out in faith to plant more life-giving churches in this region to bring the message of faith, hope and love in Jesus to even more of Central Oregon! In February 2020, Journey in Bend launched the first Journey Network Church - Journey Church Redmond.


Journey believes the church is the local expression of the face of Jesus. The way the world will see God will be through Jesus Christ living in and through us. The core values are found in the thoughtful living of each member of the Journey Community. Our mission comes from a place in the Bible where love is being described.  
"But the greatest of these is love.”
1 Corinthians 13:13


Transform the world – starting in Central Oregon on a journey through faith, hope, & love in Jesus.



our core values

It’s too easy to be fake, put on a face.  We strive to be real, allowing God’s love to change us, while transparently admitting our humanness and weakness. There is beauty in transparency.  God loves you as you are.  However, God will never leave you the same.

Committed to doing life together and loving together. Everyone is priceless and irreplaceable.  We continuously strive to creatively be a community that changes Bend.

Experiencing God’s grace overwhelms us to share it with others.  Grace reminds us that it’s never too late with God and it’s never too early.  The Bible teaches us that Jesus embodied grace (John 1:17).  Grace is best experienced in action.  Therefore, our actions will speak louder than our words.

In Guerrilla Warfare an army ambushes an enemy when they least expect it using the resources they have, which may not be a lot. Adopting a metaphor of war may not be the best thing for a value, but ... we did it!  At Journey, Guerrilla Love is surprising people with love when they least expect it or deserve it.  It’s understanding that you don’t need to have all the resources in the world to change the world (1 John).  It’s living out the ways of Jesus in tangible ways.  Like a little seed that grows into a huge tree (Jesus shared that one – Matthew 17:20)!  We believe Guerrilla Love is manifested in every area of life.  We love because God first loved us  (1 John 4:19).

our vision for the future

We believe this is just the beginning of what God wants to do in Central Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

Be a part of our story

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together! 

9AM + 11AM + 5PM

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