What is membership at Journey and why be a member?

Which is more fulfilling…to watch a game from the sidelines or to be a part of the team?  I think we will all agree that there’s something special about being a part of a winning team.  By becoming a member of a local church, you are aligning yourself with the most critical mission on the planet.  You are coming out of the stands and getting into the game.

It’s important to find a church to call home…a place where you can connect, plug in and use your gifts, a place where you can commit.  If JOURNEY is not that church, we encourage you to find a church.  Don’t move around based on preferences or whims…find a place and dive in.  Jesus is committed to the church, and you should be too.  Membership is a commitment that Journey is your church home.

The next Merge class will be in the Fall. Check back later to register!