We’ve put this page together as a training and equipping resource for current leaders and those interested in hosting or leading a group. At Journey Church we are committed to building a culture of being “community creators.” We also understand that we need to be equipped as leaders in order to build that culture.

As the Apostle Paul puts it in the book of Ephesians…
…that God’s people will be equipped to do better work for him, building up the Church, the body of Christ, to a position of strength and maturity; Eph. 4:12.

We wanted to be equipped as leaders in order to help us build authentic and relentlessly real small groups that genuinely share life together. We believe that as we gather in smaller settings and discuss God’s Word – The Bible and be open with one another, we will discover Christ and grow in our walk with God.

The videos below are a basic starting point resource to help you build community with your group.

Are you interested in becoming a small group leader? Fill out this application!

Were excited to explore this option with you and encourage you to download the leader application and fill it out.  Once completed you can email the document to don@journeyinbend.comor drop it in one of our offering boxes on Sunday.  Once received, Pastor Don will be in touch with you to discuss your application and your ideas for a small group.

How to Prepare for Leading Your Small Group

Creating a Warm Small Group Environment

What Are the Core Skills in Leading a Small Group?

How to Create Community Within Your Small Group

How to Help Your Group Grow Spiritually Together

How to Handle Tough Questions in Small Groups